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Divisional Directors and Family Service Trainers
CFCS Divisional Directors and Family Service Trainers provide the support that our partner dioceses need in order to succeed. A direct liaison between the diocese and CFCS, the Divisional Directors and Trainers ensure that needs are met and goals are exceeded. The Divisional Teams lead many intensive training programs focusing on a variety of programs that exist within an (arch)diocese’s funeral, cremation, and cemetery system.

Management, Leadership & Culture
CFCS provides the Director of Cemeteries with the hiring and training of a practicing Catholic with a customer-centric professional background. Besides operational responsibilities, building leadership and a healthy organizational culture are primary ingredients of the CFCS Way.

HR, LMS & Curriculum Programs
Using best HR and LMS practices, a tailored, specialized curriculum accompanies our training programs. Rooted in the values of our mission, CFCS’ curriculum specialists ensure that cemetery staff members feel equipped to do their job professionally to build a vibrant ministry.

Development, Purchasing & Marketing
CFCS provides staff resources for cemetery development (inventory), national purchasing and a marketing/graphics design team to customize materials to reflect the unique nature of the partner-diocese. Additional programs and staff resources include IT, finance and strategic planning.

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