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Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services’ (CFCS) goal is to create a dynamic, financially sustainable and mission-driven environment for funeral and cemetery systems within the dioceses we partner. We incorporate best practices to deliver strategic models and shared solutions that meet the complex business needs of today’s Catholic Church. We collaborate with our partner-dioceses to determine the breadth and depth of the relationship and then shape our offerings based on certain needs that can vary from narrow in scope to complete management of a diocesan cemetery organization.

CFCS Capital Program
The CFCS Capital Fund is a turnkey approach that provides all of the benefits but none of the risk associated with running the business and operations for a cemetery and funeral system. This model, which invests in and builds on the cemetery ministry for the future, allows a diocese to lessen their expenses while providing a guaranteed income to the diocese with additional income sharing opportunities. With all of CFCS’ programs included under the umbrella of this program, a diocese is provided with a full-service solution complete with succession planning.

Management Services Program
Management Services is designed to work alongside existing management, or, when necessary, serve as the executive management running the organization. CFCS offers a full-time program targeting the areas of executive resource team building and development, market strategies, financial, sales and operational management, master planning and development, national vendor partnership, mission programs, learning management and career development, marketing and lead generation and outreach programs.

Mission Acceleration Programs (MAP)
MAP engages staff and leadership teams through specialized training programs and support services to increase sales performance and strengthen overall family service. There are two versions of the program: MAP 1.0. and MAP 2.0. MAP 1.0 is an entry-level sales program focused on staff evaluations and sales training. MAP 2.0 takes it a step further, offering executive consulting, team development, sales management, inventory strategies, operational support and marketing services.

Partner Services Program
Catholic cemetery organizations have the opportunity to join the National Purchasing Program to receive discounts on a variety of products and services. Partners receive access to CFCS vendor programs, including vaults, bronze and granite memorials, niches, and operating supplies along with software and IT services. On average, clients see a 10-20% savings across a broad range of categories.

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